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Fake Climatologists: Weather Underground

March 24, 2018

Weather Underground is the most popular online weather service and one of the most visited websites. They thus have a lot of influence in educating the public about weather-related topics like global warming. Unfortunately they are rabid global warming alarmists. They often have ludicrous stories like the recent "February 2018: Earth's 11th Warmest February on Record". The 11th warmest February, gosh, I'm convinced, global warming must be real. To make it much worse, those at Weather Underground are not only not climatologists, they are not even real meteorologists. This of course explains why they are so often wrong about the weather forecast, as most will undoubtably be painfully aware. Recently, on Real Climatologists's Twitter site I (Dr. Duane Thresher) called out Weather Underground on the preceding and more and they responded. What follows is the tweet history with commentary.

Weather Underground's Bob Henson fraudulently declares himself a meteorologist in his Weather Underground articles, in his author description for his climate change and meteorology books he hawks on Amazon, and on his LinkedIn page. He also deceitfully gives his qualifications for calling himself a meteorologist. My first tweet was about those qualifications.

Tweet 1

I then pointed out what this implies for the climate change and meteorology books Bob hawks on Amazon.

Tweet 2

Bob Henson replied and I responded to it, including a retweet of his reply, in two parts. Note in Bob's reply that an "area major" is one of those fluffy self-designed majors, ludicrously combining psychology and meteorology. Note also that his degrees are in the Arts (BA, MA), as they should be for journalism and psychology, not the Sciences (BS, MS) as they would be for meteorology and as mine are.

Part one of my response is about his trying to use his pro forma acceptance into the American Meteorological Society (AMS) as proof he is a meteorologist. The AMS is all about the money and anyone can be a member of any kind if they pay enough.

Tweet 3

Part two of my response is about Bob trying to use his years of working as nothing more than a glorified secretary (he wrote newsletters) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) as proof he is a meteorologist. This was especially galling to me because I actually wrote part of NCAR's climate model.

Tweet 4

Weather Underground is owned by The Weather Company, a subsidiary of IBM. Weather Underground is also the weather service the Associated Press (AP), and thus most news media, uses. Informing people about the weather, which Weather Underground does badly, can be a matter of life and death.

Tweet 5

Weather Underground was named after a terror group that was bent on violently overthrowing the U.S. Government, mostly by bombings. Did the Weather Underground weather service choose this name to glorify this terrorist group? If so, why not update the service and call it Al-Qaeda? Or maybe they chose the name because they thought it was funny? The people of New York City and Austin (I lived in both places during the bombings) do not think it is funny. If all those sports teams have to change their names to be sensitive to everyone then it is absurd that Weather Underground still has its name.

Tweet 6

Stop using Weather Underground. There are better services available, not only for more accurate forecasts but for faster loading web pages.

I used to post comments on Weather Underground. After I mentioned there that Bob Henson was incompetent, I was banned from posting comments there. When incompetents have a good scam going they will do anything to prevent it from being exposed.