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Photos of USS Abraham Lincoln and Jim Bridenstine.

... And Not Only That

September 15, 2017

About our last article, Bridenstine, Climate Scientists Are Not Noble, Stop Paying Them. We contacted Representative Jim Bridenstine and offered him our support in his Senate confirmation hearings to be NASA Administrator, which will be tough because of his global warming skepticism. We are worried he is going to back down on his skepticism in order to get the job. That would be a mistake -- it will diminish his authority even before he starts -- and not befitting a pilot who has the right stuff to be catapulted off an aircraft carrier (and who better to be Administrator of the National AERONAUTICS and Space Administration?).

We also contacted Senator Ted Cruz, who has supported Bridenstine. We were delighted to see some of the statements Cruz has made about global warming:

"Look in the world of global warming. What is the language they use? They call anyone who questions the science -- who even points to the satellite data -- they call you a, quote, 'denier'. Denier is not the language of science. Denier is the language of religion. It is heretic. You are a blasphemer. It's treated as a theology. But it's about power and money. At the end of the day, it's not complicated. This is liberal politicians who want government power."

Real Climatologists's motto:

"If global warming is irrefutable, it's not science, it's religion."

Sound familiar?

(Pope Francis has made statements recently that would also indicate global warming is a religion...)

By the way, about us "deplorable deniers" who supposedly never went to college, I (Dr. Duane Thresher) went to MIT and Columbia and Cruz went to Princeton and Harvard. So shut up Hillary (President of the Young Republicans at Wellesley). Also by the way, I own and it redirects to

Some have speculated that there must have been a terrible falling out between Gavin Schmidt, current head of NASA GISS and leading climate change warrior scientist/spokesperson, and me (Dr. Duane Thresher) for me to "diss" him, my former colleague, so much. No, that won't explain away my global warming skepticism.

When I was at NASA GISS Gavin and I were friends. We went out drinking together. Once you got over his pompous British attitude that he was smarter than you he was fun to talk to. When I last saw him in July 2004 as I went to Germany we parted friends. I think he even wrote me a recommendation when I went from Germany to the University of Alaska.

My last few years at NASA GISS, Gavin started hanging out with Jim Hansen, then head of NASA GISS and the father of global warming, and I got an inkling Gavin was buying into Hansen's nonsense. Just a few years later it was clear he had sold his scientific soul for fame. The last straw for me was when he implied anyone who voted for Trump was stupid and he did it while he was being paid by the US taxpayers (see Hatch Act ahead).

Dr. Claudia Kubatzki worked with Stefan Rahmstorf for 8 years at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). She didn't like him, just as most of his colleagues don't, but there was never a terrible falling out between the two to explain her dissing him. So no, that won't explain away her global warming skepticism either.

September 11 was a few days ago and everybody was remembering where they were on 9/11. I was at NASA GISS (my apartment was across the street) in Manhattan, New York City, a couple of miles north of the World Trade Center towers, which I had been to the top of several times. I watched the towers fall on TV from a bar across the street from NASA GISS. I remember thinking how surreal it all was, so close and yet so far away. In the days after, I remember how sparse the grocery store shelves were getting due to the stopping of trucks coming into NYC and how when the wind direction changed the smoke would make your eyes water.

One unusual effect 9/11 had on me. I was training to skydive at the time at a place out in New Jersey (The Sky's The Limit?). When you are training you can't have more than a month between jumps or you have to start over again and it's expensive. I had 12 non-tandem jumps from 14,000 feet and only needed a couple more before I could solo (before that you have to have an instructor jump with you). But after 9/11 they closed all the small airports around NYC for several months. I gave up skydiving.

Our article, Top NASA Climate Scientist Uses Private Email To Avoid Oversight, describes well Gavin Schmidt's violation of the Federal Records Act while at NASA GISS. But we've only briefly touched upon his violation of the Hatch Act.

Here is my email to the NASA OIG agent that describes the Hatch Act violation best. I would include emails from the agent but they have a legal warning on them not to share them and that would probably be the only law they would enforce in this case. Plus they don't say anything important. There has been no real response yet and we're already on our second agent (Agent Atherton left the case after the email and Agent Vaughn took over).

Some have complained about our use of Nazi references. We don't do it gratuitously. It is a very important point, as we explain at the beginning of our article, Scientific Consensus: Proof of Black Inferiority Then and Global Warming Now, and as Dinesh D'Souza has made clear in his recent book, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. And make no mistake: climate science has been taken over by leftists for use as a political weapon. That's not paranoia, that is having been inside and outside climate science, knowing history, and having lived all over the world. See also Cruz's remarks above.

Some say we sound crazy. We are definitely angry. I have (probably "had" at this point) a friend who quit her rare tenure-track position as a philosophy professor because she couldn't stand what they had turned her beloved field into. She summed up her reasons for quitting as "don't hurt me there". That is exactly how we feel.

We try to put some humor in our articles, although it probably comes out as sarcasm, and interesting asides to keep from really being too angry to write the articles.

Further, all scientific revolutions sound crazy. And make no mistake, undoing this climate science perversion is a scientific revolution. When James Hansen was fighting the scientific consensus to father global warming he sounded crazy too (why is scientific consensus proof now but not then?).