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Photos of Chris Mooney and Josef Mengele.

Scientific Consensus: Proof of Black Inferiority Then and Global Warming Now

August 28, 2017

[Before I (Dr. Duane Thresher) start this article, yes, there are more Nazi references (to start, the twin photo on the right is Josef Mengele). We don't use these lightly. My wife, Dr. Claudia Kubatzki, is a native German and I lived in Germany for several years. Germans are so afraid of even mentioning Nazis in public they won't call out obvious Nazi behavior when they see it. This allows megalomaniacs like Stefan Rahmstorf to thrive. In America, Nazi references have been used to the point of meaninglessness by leftists, which includes climate change warriors. Ironically, leftists are the ones who actually behave like Nazis. Remember: fascism is not an ideology, it is a method any ideology can use. We use Nazi references, whether it offends anyone or not, including Google, to meaningfully point out this Nazi behavior everywhere, which is the only way to stop those who behave like Nazis.]

I am an MIT alum and so I regularly get email letters from the insufferable MIT President L. Rafael Reif. I got one on June 2, 2017 about the Paris Climate Agreement, which I also wrote about, although contrarily and with more authority (unlike me, Reif is not a climate scientist). In the letter, Reif talked about the scientific consensus on global warming:

"At MIT, we take great care to get the science right. The scientific consensus is overwhelming..."

Then I got one on August 15, 2017 about Charlottesville. Reif says:

"However, when an ideology contends that some people are less human than others ... we must reject that ideology as evil."

How are these two related? (Yeah, I know, the article title is a spoiler.)

Up until surprisingly recently there was a scientific consensus that blacks were mentally inferior, i.e., less intelligent, less human. (I use the term "black" instead of African-American because I am not just talking about Americans.) For a history of this and its scientific rebuttal read Stephen J. Gould's The Mismeasure of Man. Unfortunately, it has been shown that Gould fudged his own data for this rebuttal and ignored or misinterpreted other studies, calling into question what he was trying to prove. Fudging data to prove something sound familiar? Yup, just like for global warming. (Our view on intelligence? Forrest Gump sums it up: "Stupid is as stupid does".)

The "science" that some people are inferior, so less human, is called eugenics. The Nazis were the pinnacle of this science but major American universities, including MIT, have a history with eugenics. The problem with eugenics is that once others are less human it is easier to do horrible things to them. For example, Josef Mengele, Auschwitz's Angel of Death, did genetic research on prisoners, usually twins. By research I mean horrible experiments. These were made easier for Mengele because he was a eugenicist who considered his victims less human.

But that's history, right? Nope.

Chris Mooney is a writer for (Amazon Jeff Bezos's) The Washington Post, writing about -- sigh, of course -- global warming. He is also the author of The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science -- and Reality. Mooney makes it clear in the book, using some "scientific research" he and his mother did, that the Republican brain is inherently inferior. Thus Republicans are less human. The book has been denounced by many as just eugenics.

Mooney only has a BA in English. Guess where he got the closest thing to scientific training he has? MIT. As he likes to brag everywhere, he was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT, for less than a year and just two years before he published his eugenics book. What did MIT teach him?! The MIT Knight Science Journalism program has some other similarly questionable people in it too.

Thus, according to MIT President Reif, Mooney must be denounced as evil and rejected. Certainly evil Mooney shouldn't be writing about global warming at The Washington Post. You can't believe what he says any more than you could believe what Nazi Germany's Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels said. If Amazon Jeff Bezos's Washington Post has any integrity, Mooney will be fired (he shouldn't have been hired in the first place). Maybe he could move to Germany and work with Stefan Rahmstorf. Actually, I wouldn't wish that on the Germans. Most are good folks, albeit cowed to the point of extinction. The bad ones seem to have concentrated in climate science.

Moreover, since we have seen the nonsense that scientific consensus has "proved" in the past we must reject it as proof of anything now. Consider too that James Hansen, the father of global warming, was praised as fighting the scientific consensus at the time. If scientific consensus wasn't proof then why is it proof now?

More about global warming, discrimination, MIT, and Reif, who must, by his own words and his support of an evil ideology, himself be considered evil.

Until us, MIT had one of the most qualified scientists to be a global warming skeptic, Dr. Richard Lindzen (I actually saw him speak at NASA GISS while I was there). We think he is wrong about why global warming is questionable -- it's more fundamental than that -- but he was a courageous skeptic before President Trump was elected (we thought it was pointless to come out as global warming skeptics until Trump was elected). MIT President Reif doesn't mention Lindzen though. It's obvious Reif's scientific consensus theory would be weakened if he did.

Is Reif really concerned about global warming? It seems not. Since 2007 Reif has, very profitably (over $225,000 per year), been on the Board of Directors of Schlumberger, the world's largest oilfield services company. He has a financial interest in keeping oil drilling very profitable, which means limiting environmental restrictions. If Reif says he is on the Board to help make the oil industry environmentally friendly let him give up being paid to be on the Board. In 2015 Reif was also elected to the Board of Directors of Alcoa, which has had quite a few environmental controversies itself. I am not sure how much Reif rakes in there.

Reif also talks a good game about fighting discrimination. As a sop to this he was made the first Hispanic President of MIT. But he himself never suffered from discrimination in the US so shouldn't have benefitted from any remediation for it. Reif was born in Venezuela and came to the US only in his late twenties, where he quickly climbed the MIT ladder. And why not a black MIT President?

We have a cautionary tale for Reif from the University of California Davis, which we used to live near until, coming out as global warming skeptics, we had to flee the area out of fear for our safety.

Linda Katehi was Chancellor of UC Davis. Like Reif she was born and raised in another country, Greece, and only came to the US in her late twenties. Also like Reif she talked a good game about fighting discrimination. And finally like Reif the whole time she did she was busy questionably enriching herself, including by being very profitably on the board of directors of corporations, some very sketchy. She finally enriched herself so much that even Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California system, felt compelled to remove her as Chancellor.

P.S. MIT gets a huge amount of money from you, the taxpayers. And you did of course contribute to Amazon Jeff Bezos's vast wealth, including The Washington Post. If you haven't been cowed into silence, protest the above to:,,,,,,,,,,,