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Climate Scientist Seeks Honest FBI Agent

August 17, 2017

Believe it or ... believe it, in my last article Google, Columbia, NASA, Germany Censor Real Climatologists' Emails I may not have been conspiracy-minded enough. (Yeah, yeah, I hate conspiracy theories too, but sometimes they really do happen.)

I had assumed that my Heil KlimaFuehrer Rahmstorf! article announcement emails were being censored because they were going to Germany. So I thought when I announced my censorship article I could still as usual do it using my Google-run Columbia University email account, if I only sent the email to non-German addresses, like those of major science news outlets.

Nope. Blocked.

There was also an indication that an email I sent from this Google/Columbia account responding to a NASA OIG (Office of Inspector General) agent about the investigation into NASA's Gavin Schmidt and his violation of the Hatch Act and the Federal Records Act may have been prevented from reaching him.

(On the other hand the NASA OIG agent may have just been pretending I didn't respond. I've had that trick done to me before. Just keep ignoring my responses and sending "please respond or we will close your case" emails until the case is closed, usually after 3 such emails. Then since my responses were discarded the only thing on record are the "please respond" emails. Nice trick if you are on the liar end. Most recently the University of Alaska Fairbanks OIT tried this on me.)

I did ultimately get all my emails sent out using a non-Google non-Columbia account. So no excuses Nature, Science, PNAS, etc. (and NASA OIG). If you pick and choose what you report on to fit a predetermined message that is the same thing as publication fraud.

The only excuse Google/Columbia can make now is that while they are reading your private emails they don't allow personal defamation, such as comparisons to Nazi figures. However, Stefan Rahmstorf is a public figure (a lot of articles in Germany about Rahmstorf start with something like "him again"). And we all know that comparing public figures like President Trump to Nazi figures like Adolf Hitler is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged.

More importantly, what you have here is a foreign power (Germany), colluding with Google, an American university (Columbia), and possibly a US Government agency (NASA) to censor the speech of an American scientist to the press and possibly his own government. This calls for the FBI.

So can I get an honest FBI agent interested in this? There is far more proof of this than any Russian influence on the election of President Trump.

P.S. Might I suggest that all these climate change warrior "scientists" be given the title "KlimaFuehrer"? If this perfect title is used enough that will discourage Google from censoring emails with it in them.