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We are the most qualified real climatologists to ever come out as global warming skeptics, including even more than Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr. Judith Curry, and Dr. Roy Spencer, although we acknowledge their courage. We only came out after President Trump was elected because before that it would have been futile.

Unlike most scientists "counted" in the scientific consensus on global warming we are real climate scientists. Our graduate careers included numerous courses in climate and we have done extensive research in climate, including climate modeling and climate proxies (past climates). Doing both is unusual. Not only have we actually used and run climate models but we have actually programmed them and so fully understand their (huge) weaknesses. Unlike many we don't just ignorantly use the climate proxy data produced by others but we have taken courses and done research on climate proxies and so fully understand their (huge) weaknesses.

For those, mostly non-scientists, who are foolish enough to believe (and espouse) that peer review means that what is written is true, every word one of us writes is actually read by the other before publication. Scientists today often don't have time to even scan the current literature, never mind carefully read papers for peer review. Often a peer reviewer simply looks at the reputations of, or if he is friends with, the paper's authors to decide on whether the paper should be published. This is especially true for scientists who are non-native English speakers since English is the language of science and reading English carefully is a tedious task.

We do NOT get paid by the oil companies or anyone else to question global warming. We are not disgruntled employees trying to get back at our bosses. We just think climate science is one of the most fascinating sciences there is and to turn it into a lie for career advancement and political purposes is unconscionable.

No, we are no longer "working" climate scientists, which has been spuriously used to attack our credibility. After many years we became so disgusted at what climate science had been turned into that we quit. Just another example of the unqualified driving out the qualified until all that are left are unqualified but working climate scientists. In any case, we think we can do more good for climate science now by reforming it from outside, starting with cutting its funding.

I (Dr. Duane Thresher) started my own IT consulting (for VIPs) business, Apscitu. The same characteristics that made me, in the absolute sense, an excellent climate scientist -- being very qualified and insistent on doing things right -- make me an excellent IT consultant. There is however also a plague of incompetence to be fought in IT.

Dr. Duane Thresher

"Dr. Thresher, You have one advantage over me. You are a climate expert and I am not." -- Genius and global warming skeptic Freeman Dyson.

* Researcher, tree ring climate proxy modeling, University of Alaska (ARSC and SNRAS)
* Guest Scientist, ocean climate proxy modeling, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
* PhD, Earth & Environmental Sciences (climate modeling/proxies), Columbia University and NASA GISS (working for Dr. James Hansen, the father of global warming, and Dr. Gavin Schmidt)
* NSF research cruise, RV Nathaniel B. Palmer in Mertz Glacier region of Antarctica out of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; CTD operator
* MS, Atmospheric Science (climate modeling/tree rings/chaos), University of Arizona and NCAR
* BS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT and NASA

Selected Publications:

[Note below: Hansen is Dr. James Hansen, the former head of NASA GISS and the father of global warming. Schmidt is Dr. Gavin Schmidt, the current head of NASA GISS, anointed by Hansen, and the leading climate change warrior/spokesperson (a founder of RealClimate). My significant contribution to these papers was programming the climate model. I was never asked if I agreed with the conclusions. Hansen and Schmidt just wanted a long list for their "scientific consensus".]

Thresher, D., 2010: "Report: International Winter School on Wood Anatomy of Tree Rings 2010", Dendrochronologia, 28, 259–260. Available here.

Thresher, D., 2007c: "Improving Alkenone Temperature Paleoclimate Reconstruction, with Example from the Last Glacial Maximum Tropics", Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Questions the validity of the established method for sea surface temperature reconstruction. Rejected after standard sloppy peer review: I requested three specific less-biased reviewers, got three very-biased reviewers instead (careers dependent on established method), only two responded, one against, one neutral, and the editor cast the deciding vote against, not even being qualified to review the paper. Available here.

Hansen, J., ..., D. Thresher, ..., 2007b: "Climate simulations for 1880–2003 with GISS modelE", Climate Dynamics, 29, 661–696.

Hansen, J., ..., D. Thresher, ..., 2007a: "Dangerous human-made interference with climate: a GISS modelE study", Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7, 2287–2312.

Schmidt, G. A., ..., J. E. Hansen, ..., D. Thresher, ..., 2006: "Present-Day Atmospheric Simulations Using GISS ModelE: Comparison to In Situ, Satellite, and Reanalysis Data", Journal of Climate, 19, 153–192.

Hansen, J., ..., D. Thresher, ..., 2005: "Efficacy of climate forcings", Journal of Geophysical Research, 110, 1–45.

Thresher, D. E., 2004: "Multi-Century Simulations of LGM and Present Day Climate Using an Accelerated Coupled GCM Carrying Water Isotope Tracers, With Comparisons to Ocean Sediment/Ice Cores and Observations", PhD thesis, Columbia University.

Thresher, D., G. Schmidt, D. Rind, and G. Hoffmann, 2004: "Multi-Century Simulations of LGM and Present Day Climate Using a Coupled GCM Carrying Water Isotope Tracers, With Comparisons to Ocean Sediment/Ice Cores and Observations", EOS, TRANSACTIONS, AGU, 85(17), Joint Assembly Supplement, Abstract A52B–05 (American Geophysical Union, May, Montreal).

NRC, 2002: "Abrupt Climate Change: Inevitable Surprises" Washington, DC: National Academy Press. Participant in National Research Council’s Abrupt Climate Change Workshop, October 2000, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY, which contributed to this book. and search for "Thresher".

Thresher, D. and NCAR, 1997: shr_orb_decl and shr_orb_params, GCM source code (Fortran 90) subroutines for calculation of earth’s era-appropriate orbital parameters (i.e., Milankovitch parameterization). Part of the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s GCMs from CCM3 to the current CCSM. I added this insolation code after I found a related major bug in CCM2, which called into question the many scientific results from using CCM2 but was never widely publicized. and search for "Thresher".

Selected Media Coverage:

Climate Change Skeptics Welcome Open Debate Under Trump Presidency

Top NASA Climate Modeler Admits Predictions Are 'Mathematically Impossible'

Eco-Alarmists Tie Hurricane Harvey Damage to 'Climate Change'

Former NASA GISS Scientist: 'NASA GISS is a monument to bad science that truly should be torn down'

Former NASA GISS climate scientist tells new NASA head to stop funding 'corrupt, carpet-baggers'

Dr. Claudia Kubatzki

* Certificate, pollen climate proxy analysis, Georg August University Goettingen, Germany
* Scientist, climate modeling/proxies, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
* Scientist, climate modeling/proxies, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany
* Doctorate, Natural Sciences (climate modeling/proxies), Free University of Berlin and PIK, Germany
* Diplom, Meteorology (climate modeling/proxies), University of Hamburg and Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany

Selected Publications:

[Note below: Rahmstorf is Stefan Rahmstorf, a leading climate change warrior/spokesperson in Germany (another founder of RealClimate).]

Herzschuh, U., H. Birks, L. Xingqi, C. Kubatzki, G. Lohmann, 2010: "Retraction: What caused the mid-Holocene forest decline on the eastern Tibet-Qinghai Plateau?", Global Ecology and Biogeography, 20(2), 366. After at least 4 rejections and deciding the paper had no scientific value worth publishing, and quitting working for Gerrit Lohmann at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) due to his abusive behavior, I was horrified to discover 3 years after I quit climate science that the paper had been published with my name on it. As determined by the publisher lawyer, during a standard sloppy peer review Lohmann fabricated my required submission signature, the required revisions on my part of the paper (of which he had no expertise, making the paper scientifically invalid), and my responses to the peer reviewers. After harassment by Lohmann, aided by the journal (particularly chief editor David Currie of the University of Ottowa), of me, my husband, my current and former bosses, and my husband's current boss, I was finally able to get the paper retracted. Fraudulently, Lohmann and John Birks (University of Bergen) continued to list this paper in their publications without the required "Retraction" in the title. See then For the full story see Corrupt German Climate Science.

Braun, H., ..., S. Rahmstorf, ..., C. Kubatzki, ..., 2005: "Possible solar origin of the 1,470-year glacial climate cycle demonstrated in a coupled model", Nature, 438, 208-211.

Kubatzki C., ..., S. Rahmstorf, ..., M. Claussen, 2000: "Comparison of the last interglacial climate simulated by a coupled global model of intermediate complexity and an AOGCM", Climate Dynamics, 16, 799-814.

Ganopolski, A., C. Kubatzki, M. Claussen, ..., 1998: "The influence of vegetation-atmosphere-ocean interaction on climate during the mid-Holocene", Science, 280, 1916-1919.